Possible Sims 4 expansion packs

Which The Sims 4 expansions can we expect in the future? Of course, this question will not be answered directly. We have to wait for future releases. However, we at DownloadSims4.com made a list with some ideas for future expansion packs.

The Sims 4 Animals

Of course, there were animals before in The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. That is why we could expect them to return in The Sims 4. Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, fishes, birds and other animals enrich your Sims’ life by adding challenges and creating and cosiness. Animals are your Sims’ best friends but they need a lot of attention and it is important to train them in order to keep them calm and make them behave whenever you are not around. Now it is possible to adopt pets. Of course, pets are great to have but how would it be to have farm animals as part of an expansion pack? Think about milking cows and drinking their milk or making dairy products such as cheese or yoghurt. Or what about sheep shearing? Use their fur to create clothes or other products. Or chickens laying eggs which can be used for delicious meals, or just simply make boiled eggs. Your Sims will explore farm life in the countryside and will be busy with taking care of pets and farm animals. By working hard your Sims will earn loads of money. Running a riding-school is one of the possibilities. Sims living in cities are also able to have pets. However, wild animals may also appear when you least expect it. You might find a deer, wolf or fox walking around the streets. If you’re really lucky, you might see a bear looking for food in the trash can. Depending on where you will find different animals in each region or country. In some countries, you will find a monkey, elephant, tiger, lion or snake. Watch out for dangerous animals which can be found in nature. Want to play it safe? Just visit a nearby zoo where you will find a variety of animals. Maybe you will see special animals such as a unicorn, carrier pigeon or a penguin. Now animal shops are back where you can buy dogs, cats, fishes, birds and animal toys and animal food. You will even be able to buy a robot dog or robot cat. In the animal store are specialists that can help you with questions about animals. It is also possible to visit a zookeeper or a veterinarian.

The Sims 4 Traveling Around the World

Having a hectic life? Make sure to have some rest every now and then. Sims like to travel and explore the whole world! In earlier Sims games we had snow resorts, beautiful beaches and countries such as France, Egypt and China. The Sims 4 takes it to the next level! Now there are more countries and more cultures to explore. There is a globe with countries you can choose from. Visit, for example, tropical islands such as Hawaii and the Philippines. Meet local inhabitants and celebrate with them on beautiful white beaches with flower crowns in your hair. Or what about travelling to Finland, where you can hang around in saunas and dip in a cold lake or tub. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Mountain climbing in the Grand Canyon in the United States or the Rocky Mountains in Canada is possible right now. You will have a fantastic view of the surroundings. Discover the vibrant city life of Tokyo, London and New York and meet the locals. Sing karaoke songs in karaoke bars and explore the nightlife of this metropolis! Tired of busy cities? Go on a relaxing trip to unknown villages in Ecuador, South-Korea or Macedonia. Travel to different countries and collect souvenirs during your trip. Taste, smell, hear, feel and see the world from a different perspective. Accomplish tasks to unlock rewards such as new countries and more souvenirs. Take a boat, cab, bus, train or plane and explore a world full of special places. Take your backpack, including a tent, with you or sleep in a luxury hotel with a beautiful panorama view over a big city or natural landscape. Sims that want to stay closer to home can enjoy hanging around on a family camping in nearby regions. Booking a last-minute by using a computer saves a lot of money. Take your camera, notebook, tablet or diary with you to capture the best moments and share them online so that they will never be forgotten. Wherever you go, you will have the time of your life! Do you want to earn some money while travelling or even emigrate? This is possible now. It is also possible to get a permanent or temporary position while being in a different country. This allows you to own your own resorts or to work for a boss. Stay in touch with locals during your trip thanks to technological developments such as video chat. Even though your Sims might be far away from each other, technology allows them to stay close and connected to each other.

The Sims 4 Seasons

Snow, heat, rain, we all know this from earlier Sims games. There is a high chance that this will return in The Sims 4. The question, however, is: when? Seasons in The Sims 4 will have a higher impact on your Sims’ daily life which makes playing the game more realistic. What about being stuck inside your house during a blizzard? Or what about forest fires that appear because of extreme heat? Flooding might also occur which forces your Sims to leave their homes. Besides all the miseries seasons mainly create exciting times. Mountaintops are covered in snow. Here you will find resorts where you can practice skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating and more activities. Don’t be scared of the cold. Create a snowman or take part in a snowball fight. Below the snowline are warmer places with forests, lakes, rivers and wooden cottages and climbing areas with beautiful views of the surroundings. Every now and then you might have to face a rain shower but in general, it is a pleasure to hang around here. In the valley area are villages to be found, especially near the coast and rivers. Temperatures are high in the coastal areas and palm trees and cactus plants grow here. White beaches and blue skies invite locals and tourists to hang around and enjoy the beautiful weather. Play a volleyball game or take a walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view over the ocean during sunset. Don’t forget about the campfire. Be careful and watch out for the dangerous weather because storms might appear quickly and can cause damage. A whirlwind or waterspout is no exception. In case of bad or dangerous weather, there are enough activities inside. If you don’t want to have natural disasters you can turn this off in the game settings. Even when your Sims are at home weather changes all the time. Every season is different. In spring some plants come into flower and temperatures are rising. In summer the temperatures are high and the sun shines many hours each day. Sunscreen might be necessary. In fall leaves fall of the trees. Leaves can be used to make compost which can be used in greenhouses. Winter brings cold periods and snow. Each season has its own holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Cut down a Christmas tree and decorate it with beautiful balls, lights and other stuff. The year ends with a firework!

The Sims 4 Fantasy

Leave the world of reality far behind you and get to know the fantasy world of the past, present and the future. In earlier Sims games we got to know magic and we also travelled to the future. The Sims 4 takes it to the next level. Nothing is what it seems! Skeletons come alive. Neighbours can transform into aliens. Magic spells will show you different times. Discover an imaginative future, a modern world without cars and where there are now Sims at all but only robots. In normal Sims neighbourhoods, there is a strange atmosphere. Everything you see might suddenly be changing into something else. Everywhere strange things happen. Witches flight around the neighbourhood. Watch out for vampires or UFOs. Deep in the forest are magical villages to be found, each with a different story. Inhabitants here grow up with magic and other imaginative occupations. There are schools where children learn how to do magic and create magical recipes. There is even a magic university. Here pupils will learn about how to use a wand and how to use the spellbook. Fairy tales do exist! Your Sims can get special jobs that have to do with supernatural powers. Werewolves, zombies, ghosts, fairies, dragons and even mermaids and robots change this game forever! Discover a world where reality is not to be found. The sethour cheat or time machine takes you to the past, present and the future. Do you want to escape all fantasy that is going on? Go back to the normal world by using the teleporter. Every world has different inhabitants and there are even different planets with different aliens. If you’re lucky, you might see the genie in the bottle. Make sure to do a wish. Who knows if your wishes come true? Watch out because it can go wrong.

The Sims 4 Ambitions

Ambitions, this is a theme we have seen before in The Sims 3. In The Sims 4, it will be about different ambitions such as school, work and hobbies. It is now possible to follow your Sims on primary school because rabbit holes finally belong to the past. Young Sims learn different courses which are useful for later stages of life. Not only do you have, as a player of the game, control over your Sims. Now you can also control your teachers. Becoming a teacher is just one of the many professions in this game. High school and university education play an important role in this game. Here Sims will get educated for professions that they will put into practice later on. Make sure to get your diploma or certificate because this is your basis for a promising future. Will your Sims choose to follow education in technologies, retail or will they choose for education to become a cook? Will they choose to become a hairdresser or will they learn everything about becoming a police officer, firefighter or healthcare worker? Or what about getting a job as a mechanic, tattoo artist, travel guide, train operator or will they become a criminal? Whatever they learn, during their education you will have to assist them with every important step. During their study, Sims will live at their parents’ house or rent a student room in the region or at the campus area itself. It is even possible to follow extra lessons after school and to do an internship. Sims that have certain skills can help other Sims. Besides working and studying there is enough free time for hobbies and sports! Does your Sim like to do crafts, to play games, to do shopping, to travel or cook? Or do they like to create toys for children which they can play with? It is all possible. Sims that like to do sports can play on special sports fields in the neighbourhood or in gym accommodations. Tennis, fitness, swimming, soccer and basketball are among the sports that they can practice. The more they practice the more successful they become. They can even represent cities and join important competitions. Now it is also possible to own stores and get personnel that helps you with selling products. Several stores are to be found in the neighbourhoods, such as garden centres, clothing stores, jewellery stores, electronic stores, grocery stores and furniture stores. Sell innovative products to become a popular store. Besides running stores and other small companies, it is now possible to control hotels, restaurants and clubs. Do you prefer to exhibit products? That is possible in several studios in the area. Not everything is about earning money. However, when you are good at something you can earn loads of money with it.

The Sims 4 Rich and Famous

Glamour, loads of money, huge mansions, expensive cars. This is The Sims 4 Rich and Famous. The famous and rich people live in luxury penthouses in the centre or in vast hilly suburbs in cities. There you will find giant villas and huge gardens. High fences give paparazzi no chance. Butlers, cleaners, security and private drivers make the lives of your Sims as comfortable as it can be. The mansions of the rich and famous Sims are equipped with the newest technologic innovations. Fridges with the internet, huge televisions, electric cars, swimming pools, hot tubs and sports accommodations are to everywhere to be found in these neighbourhoods. Famous Sims use their limousine or private jet to go to performances, rehearsals or their studios. Prefer not to have a private driver? Simply buy an expensive car or motor and drive around for fun. How will your Sims earn money? Mostly by performing in stadiums, theatres and cafes. Or they can work behind the scenes. Everything happens in Studio Town and Hollywood. Rich and famous people hang around in restaurants, stores or offices in skyscrapers. Check out artists in recording studios or actors or actresses in movie studios or theatres. Work hard to get a place on the Walk of Fame, or the Walk of Shame. By working hard you can win prestigious awards and rewards which open new possibilities for your future career. Wherever you are, watch out for aggressive photographers that might stalk you and watch out for fans that complain about signatures. To become rich or famous you need to work hard. By doing bad things your career might end. As a model you need to be in shape and being pregnant might be a disadvantage for your career, or perhaps not? To escape the hectic lifestyle, rich and famous Sims can relax in health resorts. Get a pleasant massage, dive into a pool or take some good drinks at the cocktail bar. Shop till you drop. Beautiful flowers and presents such as expensive watches and necklaces are to be found in fancy stores in the main street. Let’s not forget about nightlife. The best clubs with beautiful dance floors are situated in the part district and along boulevards. Here you can practice your bowling skills as well. Explore the nightlife and try to find love. You might end up in a bar having a date. Oh, life is great!

The Sims 4 Appearance and Character

This expansion pack is all about the appearance and character of your Sims. It is about emotions, the personality of your Sims and about how they represent themselves towards others. Every part of life is different and Sims will gradually become older without constantly rapidly changing their appearance in each life stage, which was the case in older Sims games where they had very different looks in each phase of life. Before a baby turned into a toddler and a toddler turned into a child and so on. The body will slowly change in time. To make Sims look more realistic and beautiful, many new options for the body have been added. Sims can have a bracelet and surgery is possible now. When a Sim gets injured while practising sports or during work, the local hospital will take care of the situation so that Sims become healthy and strong again. This expansion adds new possibilities for sports. What about hockey, jogging, basketball, martial arts or gym? Through practising sports they will become more confident which helps them to make new contacts with other Sims. A Sim can be energetic, enthusiastic, aggressive, reckless, optimistic, shy, clumsy, serious or sensitive. They will show this through facial expressions and body language. When it comes to appearance there are several new things. Body height and width varies for each Sim. A Sim can have different body shapes such as average, toned, large, muscular, slim and stocky. All details are customizable in CAS (Create A Sim). By practising sports your Sim can become more muscular. This expansion adds new clothes for each season, gender, life phase and cultural background. Clothes for summer, winter, muscular men, seductive women and cute kids, it is all possible. Create Sims from different cultural backgrounds such as Japanese, African, Mexican, German, Italian or American people. These are just a few examples. Be aware of stereotyping because this can be seen as an insult to some Sims. Every culture has its own standards and values, which can lead to different opinions and frustrations but mainly positive effects. For appearance, there are many accessories including earrings, necklaces, hats and glasses. Tattoos are also possible. Let’s not forget about different hairstyles. Young or old, every Sim has a different life and every phase of life brings new possibilities.

The Sims 4 Fun

This game is all about having fun. Leave your home and have an exciting and unforgettable day or longer period. This expansion pack focuses on amusement for your Sims. Check out several unique theme parks with fantastic entertainment attractions? Every theme park has its own theme. What about roller coasters, a big Ferris wheel, a swinging ship, water show with lights, water and fire, a ghost house, a labyrinth or fairytale forest? Or what about taking a ride on the water slide? Going to a theme park for a day is, of course, a good idea but it is possible to prolong your stay. Rent a tent or cottage, or book a room in a luxury hotel. If you want to have fun you don’t always need to travel far. A circus and fair will come to your city. Central squares will be filled with fun activities and people. All local inhabitants and tourists come here to enjoy shows, attractions and to relax. Forget about rabbit holes now that every building and attraction is open so that you can follow and control your Sims. Watch movies in the cinema or visit a theatre for exciting theatre performances. With a bit of luck, you might get tickets for performances of famous circus acts or actors. You don’t always have to leave home to have fun. Practice hobbies at home in a special hobby room shed or in the garden. Play with rail transport modelling or play a game competition with friends. Who will win the contest? Explore other hobbies such as painting, cooking, photography, writing and reading. Even with an mp3-player, smartphone or tablet you can have a lot of fun. Join the local Neighbourhood Association or clubs to practice hobbies and sports. Whether you stay home alone or hang around with family or friends, you will always have fantastic times.

The Sims 4 House and Garden

One of the most important aspects of The Sims is, of course, creating a beautiful house with a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, we have never seen an expansion pack for building stuff even though this is something a lot of fans put effort and creativity in. With this new house and garden expansion pack adds plenty of new build materials which allows you to create fantastic homes, whether they will be small or big. Curved walls and walls of different heights and widths have been added. Besides that, there are several new types of foundations made out of wood, brick, stone, concrete and other materials. This pack adds many new windows and doors. Or what did you think about roof windows or windows and doors with different heights and widths? There will even be doors with a pet flap in it. Let’s not forget about chimneys and attics and dormers. Solar panels and extra isolation make homes energy efficient and sustainable. Whenever it rains, water will go from roof gutters into drains and into the sewerage system or rain barrel. This water can be used for different purposes. There are many types of roofs with different roof tiles, colours, materials and shapes. What about rounded or curved roofs, or roofs with decorative eaves. You can create many different types of houses with Victorian, modern or traditional styles. Everything is possible! Floors and walls have not been forgotten. There are thousands of new styles. You can customize every pattern the way you want it including colour and texture. There are also plenty of new furniture objects. What about brand new kitchens with high-tech fridges, bathrooms with steam showers or box-spring beds? Each category has new products that meet present-day demands of your Sims. There are new wardrobes, tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, plants, paintings, mirrors, sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, showers, kitchen cupboards, microwaves, stoves, ovens, trash cans, fridges and more. There are many new things for gardens as well. New ground textures have been added in order for the ground to look more realistic and less flat. Grass, plants and weeds are clearly visible, especially if you don’t take care of your garden. New trees, plants, fences, hedges, pools, ponds, fountains, greenhouses, gazebos, paving stone, gravel, stones, garden furniture, sculptures, barbecues and much more. It is also possible again to grow your own plants, vegetables and fruits and harvest them. New neighbourhoods have been added, including or excluding buildings, so that each neighbourhood can have its own style. Tropical, snowy, forest or mountain neighbourhoods are to be found in this game. Besides that, there are flat areas with bigger and smaller lots. Now it is even possible to own or build your own apartment, student room, floating house, hotel or holiday cottage. Of course, most of the building materials and objects in this expansion pack can be used for community lots.