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Elevate your Sim’s fitness and embrace an active lifestyle with The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff. Challenge your Sims to scale the rock climbing treadmill as a fun way to burn energy and improve their physique. Choose from an assortment of fashionable activewear, and beautify your Sim’s home with nature-style objects and décor.

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Release date

Worldwide: June 20, 2017

Key features

Scale the climbing wall
Improve your Sim’s fitness skills and physique by ascending the brand new rock climbing treadmill. Complete climbing challenges, compete for the high score, and master advanced bouldering capabilities that will leave spectators speechless.

Get fit in style
Dress your Sims in athleisure apparel that will inspire them to reach their fitness targets. Select an outfit from the collection of vibrant tops and bottoms, then pop in some earbuds and hit the gym, or wear the new look out on the town.

Shape up your space
Bring the outdoors into your Sim’s home with nature-inspired items and décor that convey a sense of motion. Create a spacious fitness studio to watch workout videos, or build a modern bathroom space that’s perfect for a post-exercise soak. It’s all possible!


Official announce trailer

Available right now: stuff pack The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff

Makeover time! Give your Sim’s kitchens a proper update and add some modern flair with sleek, stainless steel equipment and new gourmet furnishings. Find out what surprising new flavors your Sims will create with the new ice cream maker! New outfits and hairstyles are added so your Sims can give themselves a makeover too!

On this page you will find useful information, screenshots, trailers, system requirements, a price overview with the cheapest games and more about this expansion pack.

Release date

Worldwide: August 11, 2015

Key features

Brand new ice cream maker
Sims love ice cream and this ice cream maker is all you need! Grab a cone and serve up gelato, ice cream, and soft serve. Why not add banana slices, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce? Sounds delicious, right?

Give your kitchen a fresh new look
Build a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, frosted glass cabinet doors, and more. This kitchen is worthy of any master chef, even if your Sims prefer to use the microwave to heat up their meals.

Good-enough-to-eat style
Your Sims are ready for a real fashion makeover! Update your Sim’s look with various new hairstyles and trendy, casual apparel.


Official announce trailer

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