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Download Expansion Pack Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

Meow! Woof! Cats and dogs will change your Sims’ lives forever in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs! Now you can these little pets to your households. Become a veterinarian and take care of neighbourhood pets. The robust new Create A Pet tool allows you to personalise cats and dogs. Choose their unique appearances, distinct behaviours and expressive outfits! As a veterinarian you can treat animal ailments and run your own clinic in the brand new beautiful coastal world: Brindleton Bay!

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Release date

Worldwide: November 10, 2017

Key features

Make your own cats and dogs
With the all-new Create A Pet tool you can create and customise your Sims’ perfect cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Choose from different breeds, give them unique personalities and manipulate their features. It’s even possible to personalise their coats with special patterns to create your real-life pets, dream pets or even something more playful! Complete their looks with brand new expressive outfits and accessories.

Create a relationship with your pets
Now you can experience the companionship and fun that furry friends bring to your Sims’ lives. Cats and dogs have minds of their own and develop special relationships with Sims based on their daily interactions. Taking care of pets, training and playing with them will become part of your daily routine. This results in distinct and perhaps bizarre animal behaviours. Cool, right?

Run a clinic and become a vet
Create your own veterinary clinic, hire a dedicated staff and work hard to become the town’s most promising animal doctor. You are now in charge of daily operations from the services offered to what you charge. Diagnose and cure pets with critical surgeries or treat fleas and other afflictions with easy medications.

Discover a brand new world: Brindleton Bay
It’s time for your Sims to explore a new world: Brindleton Bay! In this pretty coastal town your Sims and their pets can live and enjoy outdoor life. Play fetch near the harbour docks, take a walk to the beautiful lighthouse or visit a park to setup an obstacle course and meet other pet-loving Sims. Always be on the lookout for stray pets that your Sims can take in as their own.


Official announce trailer

Create A Pet gameplay trailer

Veterinarian gameplay trailer

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